Hanford Bitewing X-Rays

What Are Bitewing X-Rays

Dentists in Hanford, CA know just how bitewing X-rays have revolutionized dental diagnostic procedures and are used to explore the upper and lower teeth for issues in a non-intrusive and effortless manner. Your Hanford dentist will use these X-rays are used to observe developments from tooth crown to its supporting bone. Bite-wing X-rays are also performed to spot any decay among teeth besides vicissitudes in bone thickness due to any gum diseases.

At Yanez dental we analysis and treat sorts of dental conditions. We prescribe bitewing X-rays in aid to the clinical investigation. Bitewing radiography provide key info to help in the analysis of some most common dental bugs; in addition to above-mentioned conditions it works to evaluate the state of fillings and the existence of tartar.

Why Are These X-Rays Called Bitewing?

“Bitewing” define the film or sensor position in the mouth, the patient asked to bite down on a tiny tab or annex that grasps the gear in place.

What Is The Required Frequency Of Bitewing X-Rays

This largely depends on the severity of the case. At Yanez Dental located in Hanford, CA - we try our best not to expose patients to any undue radiation unless it’s absolutely needed. Also, the frequency of these x-rays too will be determined following establishing the severity of your condition as well.

The bitewing x-ray radiation is comparatively low to the average radiation exposure from environmental sources, coming in around 0.01 millisieverts. For example, if we perform a four bitewing x-rays, those may produce 0.004 millisieverts radiation collectively, it is about half the amount of our daily exposure to daily environmental radiation. When it’s compared to the risk of invisible tooth decay expansion, which grows fast and can reach softer inner layers of teeth swiftly, is more dangerous!

Through performing these x-rays, we can trace tiny cavities even. Timely detection requires the minor procedure of filling that otherwise grows big and requires advanced filling procedure as well. The sooner the better rule always saves you from lots of potential dental health risks for sure.

Bitewing x-rays are a regular part of our patient’s dental exams here at Yanez Dental, the premier Hanford Dentist. It helps us early detect any developing dental condition for our Hanford patients during their oral examination. Also, the early detection offers us the opportunity to initiate due therapy in time, which helps cure the condition at the initial stage. This also benefits the patient as well as save a substantial amount of money possibly spent in future to get rid of an advanced dental condition.