Braces In Hanford

What Are Braces?

Dental braces are used by your Dentist in Hanford to align crooked, congested or bulging teeth to fix a defective bite and promote good oral health. Your Hanford Dentist will bond an arch wire to brackets that attach to the teeth so they can apply enough constant pressure that will move your teeth into a desired position over time. Treatment with braces typically takes from 18 to 24 months time, and you are needed to visit your Dentist in Hanford every four to six weeks to adjust the tightness and in turn, your bite.

How Common Are Braces

Over 1 million patients opt for braces every year! The majority of orthodontic patients are children because the best age for braces is 10-17 years old, but more adults are inquiring about braces than ever before. In some cases and often as a last resort, your Dentist in Hanford will recommend oral surgery over braces if the procedure will provide a better outcome than braces.

Types Of Braces

There are three main types of braces that your Dentist in Hanford will recommend to you depending on your situation. The most common of these is traditional metal wired braces that are bracketed to the front of the teeth. The second most common type of dental braces are clear braces, such as Invisalign. While clear braces are less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing throughout the process, they generally cost more than traditional metal wired braces. Finally, there are metal wired braces that bond to the back of the teeth reserved for less intensive cases. Be sure to ask your Hanford Dentist which type would be best for you!

Procedure For Braces

  • Your teeth are cleaned and polished with a flavorless paste.
  • Following polishing, a cheek retractor is positioned to creates a dry-field and to make it effortless for your Hanford Dentist to examine your teeth.
  • The conditioner is applied to the top shells of the teeth for few seconds, following hair-line teeth drilling.
  • The conditioner is thoroughly rinsed and the teeth are dried again using suction and air.
  • A primer coat of conditioner is applied onto the surface of the teeth followed by a layer of bonding solution applied to the back of the braces.
  • Braces very carefully placed onto the teeth and excessive bonding solution is removed from the teeth.

Braces will generally always work to realign your teeth and correct your bite, but once they are removed the success rate will depend on your follow up care. Retainers must be worn because your teeth will never stop moving and your mouth will always be changing. Your Dentist in Hanford might even recommend a permanent retainer to help. Be sure to schedule biannual visits to your Hanford Dentist and keep your teeth clean, your mouth healthy and your smile bright!