Dental Implants In Hanford

Since the last two decades or so, dental implants have greatly revolutionized the world of dentistry. Dental implants are a handy alternative for individuals who for any reason, lost a tooth or set of their teeth. During the dental implant procedure we at Yanez Dental, place an artificial tooth root into the gum line to firmly grip a damaged tooth or bridge replacement.

Sorts of Dental Implants

Endosteal: This is widely practiced form of dental implant; the other types may include screws or cylinders, which are surgically positioned into the jawbone. All these procedures work to hold one or more artificial teeth. This procedure is used for patients with bridges or detachable dentures.

Subperiosteal: This procedure needs tweaking on top of the jaw with the use of metal outlines to hold the artificial tooth. Those, who do not wear conventional dentures, and have a small jawbone stature, are considered best candidates for this procedure in Bakersfield dental office Yanez Dental.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dr. Simon Yanez describes the benefits of dental implants below:

  • Dental implants work to bring back the beautiful and natural smiling appearance, without the fear of teeth falling out.
  • Contrary to conventional dentures, the dental implants help improve the bite and speaking abilities without the fear of any denture slips. Also, the dental implants offer great comfort compared to that of strange feeling removable or fixed dentures.
  • Dental implants work to improve overall oral hygiene, as they may not require any tweaking of other teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge would. This way the natural teeth are not messed with to support the dental implant, which offers enduring oral health, as it can extend the facility to brush and floss the teeth effortlessly.
  • Dental implants offer real durability to teeth; they last for years and some can even serve for your entire lifetime. Also, it saves the wearing and detaching efforts of removable dentures repeatedly, and from their necessary care as well.

Dental Implant Procedure

At Yanez Dental, Dr. Simon Yanez, will finally determine if the dental implant is a best-suited option to your condition. After making his mind, he will discuss the technical and financial aspects of the procedure including insurance support with you.

  • If you are a candidate of the single missing tooth, the due course of one implant and a crown procedure is about all you need.
  • If for any reason, you are missing quite a few of your teeth, the bridging procedure may be applied to offer better support to your dental implant.
  • In the case of a dental implant needed to replace an entire set of teeth, an implant-supported full bridge will be the likely outcome to offer you a complete and graceful look.
  • The condition of the bone, where the implant is placed, is a top concern while deciding for dental implants. The back jaw, particularly the upper one, is one of the most sensitive zones to place dental implants successfully, mainly for insufficient bone quantity apart from its proximity to the Sinus system. It often requires tweaking of sinus system as well.
  • Deformities in the lower or upper jaw also make it hard to perform the procedure in these areas. The tweaking over the gum to uncover the bony defect usually required to address for further proceedings and only a master can do the tricks there.

The beneficial results of the dental implants require regular at-home oral care and routine scheduled dental visits. Dental implants require the same care as your natural teeth do. Regular brushing and flossing play an important part to keep them healthy.