Why Enameloplasty in Hanford?

What Is Enameloplasty

Enameloplasty is a traditional dental procedure that involves levelling and re-contouring of a skinny bit of enamel, in a particular tooth or a segment of your teeth line. It is an exemplary procedure that gives you great benefits compared to any potential risks. Those with having compromised enamel for dental decay or injury that spreads into the dentin--better opt for some restoration for sure!

Who needs Enameloplasty?

Anyone with worn, chipped or fractures on the tooth surface are automatically eligible for enameloplasty in handling the restoration of the original shape of the tooth with sparkling results. The key cause of enamel wear is teeth grinding, or excessive bites over a hard surface. Enameloplasty can also help in the case of tooth decay! The Yanez Dental in Hanford removes cracked enamel by using a different method known as “Enamel-ectomy,” before restoration of the tooth.

What procedures are involved in Enameloplasty?

Initially, Dr Simon Yanez, examines your teeth, he takes X-rays to see if the enameloplasty procedures are suitable for you? If so, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, followed by cutting down the enamel surface to reshape and restore healthier tooth condition. Once reshaped, the tooth or a particular set of teeth are levelled and polished to restore their natural and attractive appearance.

The Link Between Good Oral Health and Enameloplasty

The enameloplasty management help places the tooth back into its original position with correcting adjacent teeth alignments, with cutting damaged enamel from the tooth. This proper tooth alignment even works to improve your bite. Also, the proper alignment, help your facial muscles to offer balanced appearance. Otherwise, with misaligned teeth you are likely having trouble with chewing and experience speech pronunciation issues as well.

The right appearance of teeth, enhance your first impressions while interacting with others, and that way help improve your opportunities in life. The plaque formation can augment if teeth are left unevenly worn or chipped! That can cause tooth decay and potential gum bugs even. Having the enameloplasty at Yanez Dental in Hanford gives you a trouble-free better oral health for sure.

What are the Benefits of Enameloplasty?

This dental procedure works to save you from lots of teeth, gum, head and neck associated issues that include:

  • A single visit to Yanez Dental, can reshape and restore your smile.
  • It is a painless procedure.
  • Very inexpensive procedure.
  • Improved bite and facial appearance.
  • Effortless cleaning that reduces the probability of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • It helps save you from potential side effects of developmental diseases effects such as a migraine, hypertension or heart disease.