Fluoride Treatments at Yanez Dental in Hanford

What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a natural substance that help reinforces teeth that is used to help prevent tooth decay. Water is a primary source to acquire fluoride in addition to some foods that include fish, meat, eggs, and tea. In some regions, fluoride is added to the water sources, to boost its supply. Most top brand toothpaste, mouthwashes, and oral treatments contain fluoride. Fluoride tablets are also prescribed to kids from 6 to 16 years of age, in fluoride scarce areas.

The fluoride application works internally and externally, as ingested fluoride works to give a boost to your teeth while local management of fluoride can resist plaque formation. At home fluoride administration may be managed through applying fluoride-based toothpaste or with applying fluoride gel to your teeth, leaving them for several minutes then rinse it with using water.

Visit Your Dentist for Help

As we describe the deficiency of fluoride may trigger a formation of plaque over your teeth that makes your teeth vulnerable to cavities, only a professional help of your dentist can improve the better fluoride management in your system. If the case may be, Dr. Simon Yanez at Hanford applies fluoride directly to your teeth during the examination of your teeth, with foam, gel or rinse.

Also, at Yanez Dental, fluoride treatment can be used on kids, to manage better their developing teeth. A child with a history of cavities or likely to fall prey to dental decay should administer with fluoride booster applications. While some youngsters may get fluoride management's after every six months, these procedures work to promote remineralization of their teeth.

Fluoride Treatment Starts At Home

Fluoride handlings help to thwart dental decay in both youngsters and adults. Those who are at risk of dental decay needs topical fluoride managements. Aspects that intensify the danger of tooth decay may include:

  • Infrequent dental visits
  • A history of cavities
  • Poor diet habits, especially frequent snacking
  • Poor brushing habits
Beware, there exist some medications that can cause dryness in the mouth, the drugs may include antihistamines, anxiety and depressants and high blood pressure cures. The added dryness in the mouth can boost the process of tooth decay.

Preparation At Yanez Dental

At Hanford, your teeth cleaned at first place, after due examination, Dr. Simon Yanez may apply some polish on your teeth’s to eliminate the stains. He may then apply fluoride gel or foam over your teeth, then wash out the stuff with using water and prescribe some fluoride supplement for use at home.

However, the fluoride management at dental clinic contains higher amounts of fluoride compared to those available over the counter. These fluoride applications are different in nature and stays longer over your teeth.

There available are two kinds of professionally applied fluorides. Acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) and neutral sodium fluoride. Both used in consideration to the sort of dental decay. Also, the kids get the fluoride treatment according to their age and weight.

To prevent any dental decay and saves you from any additional dental management, it is imperative to clean your teeth regularly with using fluoride dental paste, take care of the amount of fluoride in your tap water, if it is less than required! Add fluoride boosters in your oral hygiene, particularly for kid’s dental care, use these fluoride products to maintain the right levels of fluoride supply into their system. It works to prevent their teeth from any decay.

A regular oral hygiene also, prevents dental decay, proper brushing, and flossing works to improve your oral health in addition to twice a year visit to your dentist! Still, if you feel some dental issues, visit your dentist’s office, as self-cure, through fluoride may prove harmful. Only a professional dental support prescribes the right amount of daily fluoride application.