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Routine dental care is crucial for healthy teeth. We offers thorough routine care, however, this process is continued by our patients at home by brushing their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes and flossing at least once per day.

What does routine dental care consist of?

A routine dental care may consist of the following procedures:

In case the patient is prone to infections, certain antibiotics could be prescribed before undergoing some dental treatments. Ask your physician or dentist for further details on this matter. Antibiotics could be prescribed if you:
  • Suffer from certain heart issues which could lead to a heart infection called endocarditis
  • In case you have a disabled immune system
  • Suffered major surgeries or have artificial body parts, like an artificial hip or a heart valve

How often should you undergo routine care in our dental office?

Generally, it is recommended to see our experienced dentist every six months. Sometimes, though, he will recommend patients to receive more frequent cleanings and routine care.

It could be necessary to see our dentist more often than every six months if:

  • In case he or she suffers from diabetes
  • If the patient has a weak immune system
  • The patient suffers from current gum disease
  • The patient has the tendency to develop numerous cavities and to build up plaque
  • If he or she smokes