The Benefits of Night Dental Guards in Hanford

An Overview

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can be caused by sleep disorders apart from stress and anxiety if you wake up often with a sore jaw, tooth pain, or a dull headache; you are likely suffering from this condition. It is a quite common oral condition, about 10 to 15% individuals are affected by this oral condition. If this be your case, it may be time to visit Yanez Dental in Hanford for proper management of the condition.

The symptoms of teeth grinding may include:

  • Dismal headaches
  • Jaw soreness
  • Painful and loose teeth
We at Yanez Dental, can offer solutions such as properly fit a night guard to protect your teeth from grinding during the sleep. Sometimes, however, we may recommend muscle relaxants before going to bed, or prescribe anti-anxiety medication if the condition is caused by stress or anxiety. Counseling in addition to physical workouts may be also recommended; sometimes in conjunction with recommended medications to cure the condition. Bruxism is also common in kids. However, we let them grow before finally decide the course of management, as their teeth and jaw modify and grow rather quickly and have got no significant damaging effect with the teeth grinding. Also, their cause of the condition may differ from the adults.

The causes of kids teeth grinding may include:

  • Oral irritation
  • Allergies
  • Misaligned teeth

Visit Hanford dentist Dr. Simon Yanez, if the condition may arise in your kids, visit us for curative measures. We may explore the potential causes of the condition and if required, apply or inform you from the possible solutions.

Night Guard Benefits

Reduce the Effects of Bruxism: Apart from using above mentioned curative measures, Dr. Simon Yanez, often recommends night guards to reduce the effects of bruxism. The night guard is an application that is usually worn before bedtime. To wear the night guard, you simply required to boil it in water, allow it to cool for few seconds and then gently bite onto it to form the right shape that perfectly fits your teeth.

Enamel Protection: This is another benefit your night guards offers to you. Our offered night guards create a layer among your teeth that works to prevent them from grinding and eventually from eroding the tooth enamel.

Offer Cushion to Your Jaw Muscles: Apart from grinding teeth, your jaw muscles can exert a force of up to 1,300 Newton! This mighty force sometimes may cause teeth grinding. Our offered soft rubber night guards offer a cushioning layer among the upper and lower teeth, to save them from grinding.

Jaw Realignment: Apart from saving the teeth harm from grinding, our customized night guards offer a relaxing feel to your teeth and jaw. They offer the best chance, not only to lessen the grinding symptoms but to lessen the incidence and intensity of teeth grinding episodes as well.

Daytime Bruxism: Apart from giving you night support, our offered night guards work to reduce daytime grinding as well! Don’t get surprised about the fact that approximately 20% of individual suffer daytime bruxism out of the lot. We also offer customized thin and discreet daytime teeth guards that not disturb your speech or comfort.

Quality: We offer quality night guards, though you may purchase the standard application directly from the market as well. However, our offered superior quality night guards give you an enduring service of years to come. In an examination, after taking the impression of your teeth, jaw and mouth, we carefully craft the application that fits your mouth best.

Arguably, although advancement of the technology, the field of dentistry stays a leg behind to offer a proper cure to bruxism, there is no clear treatment available to cure this condition. Only prevention is left with you to save yourself from the potentially harmful effects of teeth grinding. Our offered night guards are able to support you in managing your condition, to an extent where you may get least affected by the condition. The soft cushioning between your teeth helps avert your teeth destruction for sure.