Partial Dentures in Hanford

Why Partial Dentures

For whatever reason, if you have lost any teeth due to trauma, periodontal disease or decay, Yanez Dental in Hanford can offer you quality Partial Denture Services that fit all your “Partial Denture” needs and meet all the standard requirements of the American Dental Association. For any reason, if you have yet to decide for proper replacement of your missing teeth, it is vital you should know that your remaining teeth - particularly the adjacent ones - are likely to drift out of place. Also, the affected portion of the jaw becomes more prone to potential gum infections and can consequently cause decay to the adjacent teeth as well.

A partial denture procedure is usually performed by using a metal outline that fastens to your natural teeth, or at times crowns are employed on your affected natural teeth working as a dock for the partial denture. The partial denture procedure offers removable attaching alternatives.

Partial Dentures

There exist two types of partial dentures: fixed and removable. Dr. Simon Yanez determines the best alternative for you, after a preliminary examination of your teeth and the gap that needs fixing. A Removable Partial Denture (RPD), is also known as a Removable Dental Bridge. It works to fills the gap between two healthy teeth.

Removable Partial Denture

A removable partial denture (RPD) procedure is initiated after a preliminary examination of your teeth, and evaluating the nature of damage that the procedure may cause. In Hanford, Yanez Dental helps determine the right material which includes an artificial tooth or set of teeth, made from durable high quality acrylic resins. Porcelain is always our first choice as a tooth material due to its natural appearance and resemblance to your original teeth.

The accessories such as an attachment which offers support to anchor the artificial tooth to your natural teeth consist of a customized frame to fit well into the teeth line to help make chewing and speaking effortless. These frames are typically created by using metal alloys that include chromium or nobelium; or with using a flexible material such as high-quality plastic. These removable attachments can effortlessly be attuned or fixed with a distinctive dental kit. These are ultra-light fittings and applied in patients who show an allergic response to acrylic materials or are troubled by the metallic taste. These removable attachments make the dental cleaning fairly smooth and cause the device to be somewhat less spongy than a fixed set of attachment as well. Sponginess is not good due to the fact that it comprises a replacement tooth and its fixtures. Partial dentures bid numerous benefits that include:

  • It makes chewing and talking effortlessly with easing the movement of the jaw.
  • Help restore the original shape of your face.
  • Diminish the risk of periodontal bugs.
  • Prevent harm to adjacent teeth.

Fixed Partial Dentures

The other type of partials is a fixed partial denture, which is used to restore your damaged single tooth or a set of teeth, and is attached to the gum-line permanently. Fixed partial dentures are used to fill the gaps between your healthy teeth. For its bridging qualities, it is also known as a dental bridge as well.

These fixed partials are cemented permanently from both sides of the tooth; they cannot be removed at will by patients as they would with removable partials. There are a diversity of materials used to create permanent partials, material include porcelain mostly! However, it can be used in combination of metal, including gold as well.

At Yanez Dental, we may employ several procedures to perform fixed partials. With different types of fixed partial available; we help you choose the one that best fit to the abutment teeth. This rebuilding procedure usually utilize composite resin. This rebuilding involves sizing the abutment tooth to generate space for repairing. The correct procedure makes the alignment of teeth effortless apart from maintaining the right tooth contact for smooth chewing and speaking.

What To Expect

Of course, there is no precise alternative to any natural organ or element, that being said, know that the removable or fixed partial may require some time to get used to! However, with persistent use and practice, the new partial eventually becomes habituated.

These fixed and removable partials also need some cleaning for sustained and healthy life. Dr. Simon Yanez may prescribe a denture cleaner for effortless cleaning of your partials. To avoid any accidental damage to your removable partials, always stand beside a sink of water. It helps save your partial for getting damage from accidental fall. Do not apply toothpaste over your partials; it may cause harm to them. However, you can use a mild soap to clean your removable partials.

Brush them well on a regular basis to avert the chance of plaque deposits over your partials. Use a brush that is meant for cleaning dentures to avoid any brushing damage to your partials. Always keep your removable partial moist, it can save them from possible dryness harms.

Using these tips can help you enjoy talking and eating well with your fixed or removable partials. Proper care of your partials can result in them serving you for an extended period. Regular visits to Yanez Dental in Hanford, with proper examination and professionally arranged cleanings can help you to enjoy your partials for many years.