Root Canal Treatment at Hanford

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment will be recommended by your dentist if you have an infection that is inside of your tooth. You can get an infection from trauma or damage to the tooth or from an untreated cavity. The purpose of a root canal is to remove that bacteria from the tooth.

How is Root Canal performed?

The doctor will first apply local anesthesia to the area so that the procedure will be pain free. A dental dam will then be applied to keep the area isolated and clean. You dentist will then use a small drill to remove any damaged and infected pulp from the inside of the tooth. The area will be thoroughly cleaned to prevent any infection from returning.

Once the inside of the tooth is completely clean and free of bacteria, the doctor will fill the tooth. A temporary filling will be applied until a permanent crown is ready to be placed. (could take a few weeks) Once this is done, the tooth will be completely repaired and will function the same as a natural tooth!

If you have any additional questions about a root canal treatment or want to schedule a consultation, please call our office!