Hanford Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants: An Overview

Sealants are a plastic based thin layer that is used to coat over the chewing surface of the backset of your teeth. A dental cavity is most commonly found on chewing surface of your back teeth. A cavity is usually caused due to our unwanted behavior towards proper dental hygiene. At Yanez Dental, these sealants are placed by Dr. Simon Yanez, following evaluation of the condition of your teeth during a routine dental checkup. Placing a sealant prevents the dental cavity development. Placing sealants is a painless procedure. The liquid dental sealant gets firm within minutes after being set in place. Sealants have been around for about five decades and have helped dentists to prevent tooth decay ever since.

What Causes Decay?

Germ activity in the mouth helps modify the food sugar to acid. The acid activity can cause a cavity in the tooth. If that is your case, Dr. Simon Yanez at the Hanford, can repair and clean your tooth, then apply filling in the cavity of the affected tooth to prevent any further dental decay. Maintaining proper hygiene of your teeth and necessary sealing coating prevents the dental decay for sure.

Who Needs Sealant Coating?

Children, particularly those with new permanent teeth, as this time around the chewing surfaces of teeth are rather prone to cavities. Studies revealed that most cavities occur within the tapering pits, and hollows of a youngster's permanent teeth as food bits starts infiltration in such areas if can’t clean out properly, the bacterial growth to follow for sure.

Apart from youngsters, all individuals who have existing pits, are at risk of dental decay. Surveys suggest about 95% individuals are in danger of developing dental cavities. It is advised to contact your dentist or visit Hanford dentist Dr. Simon Yanez at Yanez Dental to save your teeth from any potential decay, as any individual apart from a kid, for a reason and other susceptible to dental cavities. Newborns may also need regular checkups and sealant coating to save their future teeth to become healthy.

Hanford Sealant Procedure

  • The tooth is thoroughly cleaned, dried and surrounded by cotton or paper towel to keep it dry during the procedure.
  • Make the tooth surface a little rough by pouring a specific solution that bonds with the sealant.
  • Finally, sealant is applied over the tooth and in the grooves to help stop dental decay.

Durability And Cost Of Sealant

If well managed, these sealants can last up to 10 years. Regular visits to your dentist ensure sealant durability. If required, your Hanford Dentist can add more sealant to repair the sealant damage. This cost-effective procedure works to keep your teeth healthy by preventing any decay on the surface of your molars. Sealant application is very cost-effective procedure. It is a procedure covered by some insurance companies, so be sure to check with your insurance provider for required sealant cost coverage.

It is only proper brushing, and due flossing works to stop any dental decay, as using this way no food bits penetrate and stays within dental premises, and eventually keeping your mouth safe from any bacterial growth and harm. So, visit your dentist or us for better advice and care for your teeth.