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Preventative, Corrective, & Adaptive Dental Care

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Yearly exams and cleanings Pro

Providing yearly exams and cleanings is the ultimate preventative care to keep the smile you deserve shinning bright for everyone to see.

Yanez Dental Invisalign

Orthodontics & Invisalign

Find YOUR best smile with Yanez Dental. With Orthodontic plans or a more seamless look of invisalign we can create a plan to get your smile on track.

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Emergency care

Sometimes life comes at your fast and Yanez Dental is here to help you find the most seamless solution.

A Local Hanford dentist you can trust. Dr.
Yanez DDS of Yanez dental is the family dentist for you!

What Clients Say

Hanford Locals thoughts!

"Doctor Yanez saved some of my front teeth! Other doctors wanted to extract and implant costing up to $7500+ out of pocket (no insurance). Dr. Yanez found an alternative and personally created a post crown for me. The front staff was welcoming and I could not appreciate him more for saving me cut cost."
Luis Hernandez
"I have been a patient of Dr Yanez office for about 3 years here at Yanez dental and has always been a great experience. I was having horrible sensitivity on a tooth and thought I would have to get a root canal, Dr. Yanez took the time to look for cracks and ended up just needing to place a crown on that tooth. I was very happy about the end results and had no complaints. I recommend all of my family and friends to come to Dr. Yanez for any kind of dental treatment."
Jordan G.
" I love my Dentist, and considering I have a phobia of dental work, Dr. Yanez is the only Dentist I will see. His staff are great, makes me feel comfortable and they truly care about their patients"
David Larsen
super mom

Why Choose Hanford's yanez dental?

dr. Yanez

Dr. Yanez DDS has been practicing dentistry and orthodontics for over 25+ years. Aiming to be the best family dentist for the Hanford community the Yanez Dental team always take a helpful and caring approach to each patient.
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