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Our highest priority at Yanez family dental is to provide you and your family with a lifetime of oral health and comfort. With updated technology and preventative dentistry, we have curated an experience to be a premier general family dentist in Hanford California.

When you visit your Hanford family dentist at Yanez dental you set yourself up to be protected from tooth loss, toothaches, and expensive procedures that may have been avoided. Our general family dentistry services are designed to help you maintain your natural teeth, gums and jawbone for as long as possible. 

At Yanez dental the family dentistry of Hanford California, Dr. Simon Yanez and his team will treat you like family. They will educate you about personal at home care and help you create the smile you deserve. 

We know when choosing your general family dentist in Hanford California that you want everyone to leave loving their smile. We love to look at people who have great smiles but even better, we love our whole family to live with the great smile! Now, with your Hanford family dentist Dr. Simon Yanez, you can have the smile of your dreams!

Yanez Dental is an affordable provider of family dental in Hanford California that proudly serves the entire central valley area. With Dr. Simon Yanez we have the chance to create that perfect smile for our patients. If your smile has imperfections — whether minor or very significant – Yanez Dental can help. Discoloration, cracks, chips, gaps – these are no problem for your experienced dentist.

The treatments now available in cosmetic dentistry give us the opportunity to help our patients correct anything about their smile that they do not feel good about.

So that we maintain the perfect general family dentistry environment our established, as well as experienced staff is friendly and willing to take the time to get to know individual patients, their medical, and dental history. We are sensitive to everything from your budget, to your availability, to your perceptions of dental care and we do all that we can to make your visits with us very pleasant.

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Having a teeth cleaning at least once every six months is fundamental to whole body health. Your gentle teeth cleaning at Yanez general family dentistry will require less than an hour of your time. During a teeth cleaning, our hygienists will remove the built up plaque and tartar that you can't remove at home with brushing or flossing.


Tooth-coloring fillings are a staple of family dentistry. Cavities and chips are common in children and adults alike. Tooth-colored fillings are a subtle way to repair decayed or damaged teeth.

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In addition to your bi-annual teeth cleaning, you should have regular dental exams. The center of general dentistry is careful assessments from your doctor. Dr.Simon Yanez DDS has the experience and technology to detect signs of decay or disease. The early detection of these issues may save you from strokes, heart disease, oral cancer and diabetes.

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We provide the high quality services that you and your loved ones need to maintain smiles that look and feel incredible. Dr. Yanez can strengthen your smile with state-of-the-art dental crowns or bridges. He can enhance your smile's aesthetic with bonding, Invisalign, and other cosmetic procedures.

With our family dentistry services, you can maximize the appearance and function of your smile. Ask your loved ones if they have had a recent dental exam or cleaning. Call us today at Yanez Dental family dentistry to schedule your appointment

why finding the right general family dentist in hanford california matters

Our office is home to the most committed and experienced general family dentist in Hanford California Dr. Simon Yanez offers his expertise to help patients maintain healthy dental hygiene.  One of the most consistent and recommended practices in sustaining a healthy smile is scheduling regular dental visits. A routine visit to your general family dentist consists of an evaluation of your oral health history as well as a screening to detect any problems or concerns.  A professional cleaning will be provided to remove any plaque or cavities that cannot be noticeable at home.  The teeth will also be polished and shaped to provide a cosmetic improvement.  If there is any decay, we will provide a treatment plan before it endangers your health.

A dental visit can help you be an informed patient as well.  Our office is filled with resources for your Hanford family that will you understand dental care and make the best choices for your health.  With our guiding hand, we can help you enjoy a successful and healthy smile for numerous years.

If you require a first-rate general family dentist in Hanford California care, Dr. Simon Yanez can be your Hanford family dentist!  Call us today to set up a consultation.

At the Hanford Family dentistry of Yanez Dental, Dr. Simon Yanez brings to his patients exceptional technique and extensive experience! Whether it is cosmetic dentistry, dental implant assistance, Invisalign, veneers, teeth whitening or even general family dental care, Dr. Simon Yanez can help you. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Simon Yanez believes in not only understanding about your dental goals and needs, but also believes in gaining a detailed understanding of your health history and that of your family, too. He also invests lots of time and effort to stay abreast of cutting-edge modern dental techniques and is a member of the California Dental association. Every year, he spends numerous hours in continuing educational courses so that he can offer customized care through modern and front-line dental treatments, just to better treat you as your Hanford family dentist. Dr. Simon Yanez is committed to preserving your natural teeth and smile for as long as possible and ensuring that not only do they look good but that they also feel good and work well!