Why Yanez Dental is the Hanford Family Dentistry for you

Why Yanez Dental is the Hanford Family Dentistry for you

Why Yanez Dental is the Hanford Family dentistry for you!

Choosing a dentist in Hanford California can be overwhelming, considering all the choices available. Dr. Simon Yanez and the Yanez Dental practice provide some exceptional differences that might make the decision quite a bit easier for your Hanford family. Firstly, we value our patients and add a personalized touch to all our services. 

Our team at Yanez Dental strive to maintain facilities that are inviting and up-to-date with the latest technologies. Patients & their family will enjoy a professionally-maintained and recently updated office, and techniques that ensure the highest levels of sterilization.

A Hanford family dentist near you!

Our family at Yanez Dental know how important it is that when our patients need us, we’re available. New and existing patients will have prompt access to appointment times, and any emergencies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

When needed, patients may be seen the same day, or worked in within 24-48 hours for less urgent situations. We know that our Hanford Califonia patients are busy and respect them by keeping appointments as close to the scheduled time as possible.

Our patient driven team works closely with all patients to answer any questions and explain any treatment plans in detail. Instructions following procedures will be clearly given, and we follow-up with patients to ensure that their family’s needs have been met. We are happy to assist with insurance questions and financing options, while providing quality services for a reasonable fee.

A Hanford dentist who cares about you and your family.

Aiming to be a top Hanford family dentistry we encourage regular examinations and cleaning appointments to help maintain oral health. We work from a large menu of services, as we strive to be a complete Hanford dentistry for every patient. Visits will include compassionate care along with outstanding service for every procedure. We offer a wide range of preventative care, cosmetic dental services, and restorative dental care services. 

While many of these same treatments are offered by a large number of dental practices, ours are backed with years of experience and satisfied Hanford California patients. Expect a pleasant overall visit at our Hanford family dentistry, and the best care for dental implants, crowns, bridges, periodontal treatments, root canals, and more. Sedation options can be discussed with the dental staff so that patients can receive the care they need without dread or any cause for alarm.

We even go beyond some of the expected bounds of general dentistry by taking the needed precautions for TMJ/TMD, assistance for sleep apnea issues, as well as orthodontic services for some mild to moderate concerns. As you can see, the Hanford dentistry of Yanez dental has designed a practice that provides great value to its hanford family patients. Call us today for an appointment and you can personally experience our unique and remarkable Yanez dental care services.


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At Hanford California’s Yanez Dental, Dr. Simon Yanez brings to his patients exceptional technique and extensive experience! Whether it is cosmetic dentistry, dental implant assistance,Invisalign, veneers, teeth whitening or even general preventative dental care, Dr. Simon Yanez can help you. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Simon Yanez believes in not only understanding your dental goals and needs, but also gaining a detailed understanding of your health history and that of your family, too. He also invests lots of time and effort to stay abreast of cutting-edge modern dental techniques and is a member of the California Dental association. Every year, he spends numerous hours in continuing educational courses so that he can offer customized care through modern and front-line dental treatments, just to better treat you as your Hanford family dentist. Dr. Simon Yanez is committed to preserving your natural teeth and smile for as long as possible and ensuring that not only do they look good but that they also feel good and work well!

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