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dental crowns and bridges in hanford California

Are missing teeth keeping you from feeling great about your smile? Are there broken, cracked, chipped, discolored, or flawed teeth in your smile? Do you have a tooth or teeth that seem to get cavities often, or seem to be fragile? Do you wish you could eat whatever you’d like without pain, or smile with confidence?

Dr. Simon Yanez offers several treatments that can restore your smile. Two of these treatments are dental crowns and dental bridges. Dental crowns and dental bridges in Hanford are common cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures that are skillfully performed by Hanford dentist Dr. Simon Yanez DDS.

What are dental crowns and BRidges?

Dental Crowns

  • Dental crowns look like natural teeth, feel like natural teeth, and function like natural teeth.
  • Dental crowns are a form of restoration for teeth with severe decay that have lost a lot of their original strength.
  • Dental crowns are recommended when natural tooth structure is compromised, or when damaged from trauma.
  • Dental crowns can also be used when there are fillings where there is not enough tooth enamel left for support.
  • Dental crowns are also an integral part of dental bridge work or tooth replacement with partial dentures.

Dental Bridges

  • Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth.
  • The adjacent teeth are filed down, and a dental bridge is placed on top, supporting a false tooth in the middle.
  • Tooth replacement with a dental bridge can restore confidence in your smile.
  • Dental bridges are very stable, anchored on healthy natural teeth.
  • Dental bridges can prevent wearing down of surrounding teeth.

wondering how to get crown and bridge dental work in hanford?

Dental restorations such as crown and bridges done for our Hanford or Central valley neighbors at your local Hanford dentist Yanez Dental are created with quality materials. We take time & care during all dental crown and dental bridge procedures so the final product appears natural. These materials are also very sturdy and durable. We offer metal-safe restorations, which provide outstanding results without having to significantly reduce natural teeth. Tooth-colored, metal-safe dental crowns and dental bridges are also ideal for preserving the natural look of your smile.

Dental crowns and bridges are very common procedures to restore and preserve your teeth. If you are at all worried about getting this or any treatment at the Hanford dentistry of Yanez Dental, we offer two decades of care and expertise so you can remain assured and relaxed during your visits here.

With two decades of practical experience and advanced training, Dr. Yanez has treated thousands of patients with great success. With Yanez Dental you can be certain you will receive amazingWe hope that you will find the Hanford family dental team of a comfortable, welcoming practice for you and your family’s dental needs.
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At Hanford California’s Yanez Dental, Dr. Simon Yanez brings to his patients exceptional technique and extensive experience! Whether it is cosmetic dentistry, dental implant assistance,Invisalignveneers, teeth whitening or even general preventative dental care, Dr. Simon Yanez can help you. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Simon Yanez believes in not only understanding your dental goals and needs, but also gaining a detailed understanding of your health history and that of your family, too. He also invests lots of time and effort to stay abreast of cutting-edge modern dental techniques and is a member of the California Dental association. Every year, he spends numerous hours in continuing educational courses so that he can offer customized care through modern and front-line dental treatments, just to better treat you as your Hanford family dentist. Dr. Simon Yanez is committed to preserving your natural teeth and smile for as long as possible and ensuring that not only do they look good but that they also feel good and work well!